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The Man Who Always Said Yes

Just a little over a year ago I heard via Instagram of a guy who was riding a 1969 Royal Enfield from Australia to London.  I followed his progress online, as did many people.  It was the stuff of childhood dreams and several months later I would have the chance to meet and get to know the man behind the journey. Jonathan Gibson, from Melbourne Australia came from a family with adventure and bikes running through the veins.  His father and grandfather all rode Royal Enfields, and despite his parents' usual concerns, it seemed inevitable that one day he would set out on his own adventure. As Jonathan's journey approached Europe, I heard he was passing by Venice - so I immediately made...

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Why I Started The Revive Club

The Revive Club started in my head as a 'cause', a way of thinking - a set of values.  The seeds of that idea were sown twenty years ago, but it would take me that long before I could understand how it would all come to life. Progress, change and innovation can be a truly amazing thing.  It has and continues to bring incredible advancements that can effect real positive change in our lives.  In the last ten years, the pace of that change has accelerated rapidly.  At the core of that change is a trend towards convenience, abundance and distraction. My fear is that we are rapidly loosing a precious and essential human perspective.  Where we once repaired things, we now simply...

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