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The Best Theme Tunes of All Time

The Best Theme Tunes of All Time

Before you start reading, remember that these are just our Top 10.  Even discussing this in the office, we nearly started a civil war about which tunes should be in or not. Feel free to add your choices in the comments though!

Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia right?  And there’s nothing that gets the old memories flowing more than our childhood TV theme tunes.  If you’re wondering which era we’re talking about?  Most of these are from the 80s, some 90s...actually one or two span into the 70s and 60s. 

We're curious to know what your memories will be when you listen to these tunes again!  Is it the chair you used to watch TV in?  The things you used to love eating whilst watching TV?  For sure the memories will roll back and that's always fun.

We’ve picked our top ten - in our opinion they are all epic….don’t be a party pooper and jump all the way to number 1…enjoy the ride!


10.  Quantum Leap

Remember the time travelling duo Sam and Al?  We think their theme tune deserves to be in the top 10 for sure.


9.   CHiPs

 One of our favourite shows with a great tune - the adventures of 'Jon' and 'Ponch' as they cruise the California highways.  Apparently, Erik Estrada ('Ponch') didn't have a motorcycle license right up until the show started filming.  Great tune though!

8.   Airwolf

 Starring Jan-Michael Vincent who sadly died in February of this year, the show was about all the cool things you could do in an advanced prototype supersonic helicopter with stealth capabilities.


7.  Taxi

 Taxi won eighteen Grammy Awards in its day, and featured the daily life of the functional 'Sunshine Cab Company' in New York.  Perhaps best known for the role of Louie played by Danny DeVito, and 'Latka' played by Andy Kaufman.  Written by Bob James this is a timeless tune that just seems perfect for this show.


6.  Hill Street Blues

First airing in 1981, the show featured a fictional police station 'Hill Street' in an unnamed large city.  This one could have easily been in the top 3, but a democratic compromise put it in at sixth place.



5.   Miami Vice

 Do you know anybody who doesn't love this series?  There's just so much for a guy to enjoy here.  Sonny Crockett had it all....except a house.  Well he lived in a cool boat with a pet alligator called 'Jaws'.....and somehow, managed to drive a series of unbelievable awesome cars on a cop's salary.  One of those cars was a white Ferrari Daytona - which was actually a Corvette with a body kit.  Ferrari got so pissed about this, they insisted the show get rid of the car.  So in Season two, it got blown up - and Ferrari as a thank you, sent two brand new white Testarossas.  We could go on and on about this show....enjoy the tune!

4.   The Muppet Show

 An institution more than a show with an equally great theme tune.



3.    Magnum P.I

The moustache, the car, the tropical lifestyle.  This was the life we all dreamed about as kids.


2.   The A-Team

 Although by now the show has achieved cult status around the world, it only ran for five years.  In the end it was a show about violence in which you never actually saw anybody get killed!  It's certainly one of the best theme tunes in our opinion....but the only reason it doesn't get a number one spot, is because it has an amazing first few seconds to the theme tune...but is a bit repetitive - not the kind of theme tune you could happily listen to in full in the car......speaking of which....

1.    Knight Rider

 Well you may have already guessed it by had to be in this list and we think it's the number one theme tune.  Remixed and reworked and loved all over the world, it featured the adventures of Michael Knight and 'Kit' his heavily modified Pontiac Firebird.


 Hope you enjoyed our Top Ten TV theme tunes!  Feel free to leave your comments if you feel we made any criminal omissions or want to tell others about great theme tunes from your own country that maybe not many others know about!

 PS.  My wife and I have not stopped arguing for the last few days about which theme tunes should be in this list.  So - being the gentleman that I am, I will dedicate this special prize for Honourable Mention to the greatest crime fighter of all time - Jessica Fletcher and 'Murder She Wrote'.


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Miltos Pilalitos - January 27, 2022

Although I love all entries in that top 10, I can’t help but mention the obvious omition of the best theme ever scored for TV… The one for Mission: Impossible by master Lalo Schifrin. It is the most recognizable, time defying, memorable, geniously composed piece of music ever written for a TV show.

Francesco - December 17, 2020
Quantum Leap! I remember It!
Christian Hesselhoj - January 27, 2022

The X files was also quite unique in the 1990’s

Christian Hesselhoj - December 17, 2020

The X files was also quite unique in the 1990’s

Anthony - February 4, 2020

I would add the Munsters to the tv theme list and Hawaii 5 O

Gabriel Oh - December 19, 2019

Sorry, dude, I guess you might miss “Tour of Duty”.

Gabriel Oh - December 19, 2019
Hey, I was expecting “MacGyver” on the list!!!

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