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About Us

In a world of quick-fixes and convenience there exists a group of people who swim in the opposite direction.  Whilst others try to go faster, these people want to slow down.  They are both at odds with the world and in awe of it.  They seek adventure instead of shortcuts, longevity over temporary, and draw great strength from the outdoors.  These are the people of The Revive Club.  

The Revive Club is a curated store which means we carefully choose each item so that it works as part of an overall collection.  We don't jump around all over the colour palette, nor will you find styles that don't compliment each other.  Think of us like a friend who's style you really love and trust.  As you get to know our tastes, we also get to know yours - which means we make recommendations - just like a friend.

We're super happy that you are stopped by to read about us and we look forward to helping you further explore your own style.