Our Philosophy

In a world of quick-fixes and convenience there exists a group of people who swim in the opposite direction.  Whilst others try to go faster, these people want to slow down.  They are both at odds with the world and in awe of it.  They seek adventure instead of shortcuts, longevity over temporary, and draw great strength from the outdoors.  These are the people of The Revive Club.  
We are extremely careful about the brands we choose to work with.  Our philosophy is based upon what you could call 'Slow Business'.  It's clear the world over-consumes - and we passionately believe this.  So you'd think opening another store - to sell more stuff - is the last thing the world needs right?  We don't think so.  
We believe it's precisely the right place to try and implement change.  To create a model of business that can be competitive, whilst also contributing to slowing the pace of consumption down.  That's why we put so much thought into the brands we choose - because we believe those brands are committed to the same ideas of buying better, buying less and making things last.  
It's a complex balance - both for retailers and manufacturers - I mean we're supposed to sell as much as we can right?  According to the old and current rules yes.  But the rules need changing, and we hope our store will in some way contribute to the ongoing understanding of a more viable and balanced model of growth and consumption.
To read about why we choose each brand (and there's always a reason) feel free to click on the logos below.