Quality clothing is made to last a long time. Keeping these garments in circulation as long as possible is a priority today - which is why we launched Revived.

Revived is a platform that allows our customers to sell the quality clothes they invested in, making this both a better way of selling, and buying.

We revive these garments and put them up for sale again so that they can keep living on as intended.  We split the proceeds with the customer (or store credit), keep their garment in use, make space in their wardrobe, and put some cash back in their pocket.

How it Works

1 - Send

Send us your loved and worn garments. See our guidelines for which garments we can accept.

2 - Revive

We then wash the garments, repair if necessary and prepare them to be photographed and put for sale on the site.

3 - Sell

When your item sells, you choose between 50% of the sale value in cash OR 70% of the value in store credit

Revived Brands

‘‘The following brands fully support our Revived program to keep their garments in use as long as possible.  Revived is a new program so we are continually working to add more of the brands we currently sell.

Taylor Stitch

Iron and Resin

Freenote Cloth

Eat Dust Clothing

Benzak Denim Developers


What type of garments do you accept?

We currently only accept the following types of garments:
Coats & Jackets


What if I didn't buy it from you?

That's no problem - so long as the brand is part of our Revived program it doesn't matter where you bought it from.

Sounds cool - how do I apply?

We like to keep it simple. Fill out of the application form here and we'll let you know in a few days if we can accept your garment. We need to make sure our selection is relevant to the season and as interesting as possible - so if we think the item will sell quickly, we'll accept it. If we think the item won't sell easily, we'll let you know of course.

How do I send my clothes

If we agree to sell your garment, just send it to is recorded delivery. We'll make any repairs necessary, make it beautiful again, ready to photograph for the site.


What about the money?

We aim to find a good balance between a fair price, and a price that will sell. When it sells, we give you the choice of either 50% of the sale value in cash, or 70% of the sale price in Store Credit.  Cash payouts are made using Paypal.

What happens if my item doesn't sell?

We keep the item for sale for FOUR weeks at the initial price. If it still has not sold we reduce the price further.  
If the item still doesn't sell we can send it back to you, or donate to a local charity if you prefer.

What about shipping and returns?

When you are selling a product you pay to ship it to us.

When the product sells, the buyer pays for shipping

If the product does not sell after a price reduction, we ship it back to you free

Returns are not possible for buyers of Revived Garments