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Max 3 Summer Cotton Jacket in Navy

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Current Price €345.00
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The Max 3 Summer Jacket is a lightweight variation on the incredibly popular Max 3 Jackets we also sell in winter.  For the summer version they made from an extra long cotton fibre with a very tight weave; it has the structural qualities of ‘crepe cotton’ but without any of the scratchy feel.  This also means the fabric is both lightweight, breathable, but keeps it shape without a great deal of stretch, and also doesn’t crease, thanks to the 12 gauge ‘half knit’ fabric used.  

The details sound a little technical but the important information here is the way this jacket hangs on the body - or rather it doesn’t ‘hang’ like some cotton jackets - it has structure and results in a much more flattering silhouette on the body each time you wear it.

The brown Corozo buttons are an important element to the overall look of the jacket, and the fabric is woven and garment entirely produced in Tuscany, Italy.