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Why I Started The Revive Club

Why I Started The Revive Club

The Revive Club started in my head as a 'cause', a way of thinking - a set of values.  The seeds of that idea were sown twenty years ago, but it would take me that long before I could understand how it would all come to life.

Progress, change and innovation can be a truly amazing thing.  It has and continues to bring incredible advancements that can effect real positive change in our lives.  In the last ten years, the pace of that change has accelerated rapidly.  At the core of that change is a trend towards convenience, abundance and distraction.

My fear is that we are rapidly loosing a precious and essential human perspective.  Where we once repaired things, we now simply throw away and buy again.  Where once we required patience to sit, wait or reflect, we now immerse ourselves in our devices at the onset of a moment's pause.  Although the world has never been more connected, we even talk to each other less. 

I should point out, I'm not blindly nostalgic, peddling some twee vision of a time when everything was merrier.  Technology is part of my life, my childrens' lives and I'm sure yours too.  But this is precisely the point.  Preservation needs to be about finding a way to embrace the future and the past.  Artificial intelligence, driverless cars, thought-controlled fridges - don't worry, they're all coming soon enough.  What we need to do is to ensure balance so that we preserve that precious human perspective as we move rapidly forward.

I believe that The Revive Club can play an important role and effect positive change whilst also being a commercial venture.  At the point when I realised this, twenty years suddenly came into focus.

The Revive Club Store

The Revive Club store will seek out brands and makers who's commitment to craftsmanship, longevity and quality are clear.  These will be brands with a story, driven by people who are not only passionate about their products, but actually use them.  When we support these kind of brands, we ensure a future for them.  

 The Revive Journal

If what you've read above resonates with you, then I think you'll love the Revive Journal.  Although we have products and services to showcase and sell, the primary goal for the journal is to leave you informed, inspired and to get you outdoors doing something positive.  Inspiration can come from many places, and we hope the Revive Journal will do just that.  We'll bring you stories of people doing amazing things, of great adventures, and making great products.  We'll have a Revive Club Spotify playlist that you can subscribe to, and we'll regularly introduce you to great music that will lift your soul.

(A Little Bit About Me)

My name is Jonathan, and I suppose you could say I'm a 'transitioner'.  I made that word up but I think it does describe somebody who grew up before the digital revolution, and is now part of it.  I'm from England, although I've lived in Italy now for almost fourteen years.  I worked in the tech industry in a past life, then decided to burn my suit and tie, move to Italy, and start a travel business.  For eight years I ran photography workshops, taking groups of people all over the world with their cameras.  Then, the startup era started to take hold, and worrying that I'd miss my chance to become an overnight billionaire, I jumped on the bandwagon.  Two years later, having learned a great deal but made no money, I jumped back off the bandwagon and went into depression.  After the dust settled and the fog started to clear, the Revive Club started to come into focus, and today I find myself energised and truly excited by what lies ahead.

Lastly, a long overdue credit must be made.  I believe there are many other people out there upon starting a venture take enormous strength from the support of their wives, husbands or partners.  Through past ventures, and now this new one, my wife Marzia (the blonde in the photo with antlers on her head), has not only shown her support by help, advice and endless conversations, but in the sacrifices that are made on a daily basis to allow you to start a business.  When you're not present, they step up to the mark, when you must make cut-backs, they do so.  They play an essential role in allowing somebody to start a business and I would like to acknowledge that openly.

Ok I did it!  The most difficult blog post in the world to write - which in the end wasn't so difficult.  Whether you buy from us or simply follow our posts, I hope you will join us on this journey and become part of something special.  Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter (form at bottom of page)!

You can also follow us via our Facebook Page and Instagram!

See you out there!

Jonathan Maher


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Ryan - July 19, 2019

I’ve known Jonathan for a short time during which he has quickly become a valued friend and confidant , whether it’s simply talking motorcycles or more tricky subjects like what it is to be a father or guy in these confusing times.

I have also known about Jonathan’s dreams for The Revive Club and his philosophy behind it and wholeheartedly endorse those sentiments.

Whether you choose to buy products from him or simply shoot the breeze, trust me you won’t be disappointing.

james graham - March 29, 2019

Jonathan is a wonderful human being and 100% sincere in in all his dealings. He’s the ideal owner of an online business as his character allows consumers to shop with trust and comfort.

Continued good luck Jonathan and Marzia!!!!


Christian - June 16, 2016

Sounds very exciting can’t wait for launch after the summer.

Keep up the good work.

All the best

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