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Ordering From UK

In the spirit of giving the middle finger to the evil masterminds of Brexit, we continue to ship orders to our valued UK customers.

What we want to do here is make you aware of what to expect when ordering from us and shipping to the UK.  

For those of you with limited time to spare - here is the CONCISE EXPLANATION...

The only thing extra you will pay is Import Duties (approx 12%) and a DHL Handling Fee of €11-12.  However, if the goods you are ordering are made in the EU or UK you DON"T PAY IMPORT DUTIES.  If your order is over €160 you pay VAT as normal to DHL prior to delivery and we TAKE OFF VAT AT CHECKOUT so you DON"T PAY IT TWICE.  If your order is less than €160 you pay VAT to us and not DHL.  Shipping costs €18 and can take 2-5 days -delays can happen due to customs clearance.  

Below is the same information explained in a slightly longer form.



Our flat rate of shipping to the UK is €20 with DHL Express.  Delivery time is between 2-5 days, but delays can occur due to processing at Customs.



  • If the total value of your order is MORE THAN £135 or €160, VAT IS DEDUCTED AT OUR CHECKOUT, because you will be asked to pay the VAT by the courier company prior to delivery.
  • If your total order value is LESS THAN £135 or €160, VAT is charged and collected by us and we pay that on to the UK Government.

Either way, remember, you're not paying VAT twice, and you're not paying any more VAT than you usually would.


  • If your order value is LESS THAN £135 or €160.....NO IMPORT DUTIES ARE PAYABLE
  • If your order value is MORE THAN £135 or €160......IMPORT DUTIES ARE PAYABLE.  They are in the region of 10-12% of the goods value + shipping
  • EXCEPTION - If your order value is MORE THAN £135 or €160 and your items are MADE IN THE EU OR UK then NO IMPORT DUTIES ARE PAYABLE


  • All courier companies will add a 'handling fee' for the admin work involved in processing import shipments and this is between €10 - €13.


Keep in mind that if you want to return items your order with us, that's fine of course, but the cost of that return shipping is paid by yourself.  Please also remember that your return shipment may be subject to delays whilst it is processed by Customs.  So long as you completed our Return Request Form, you will receive an email notification when your package arrives with us.