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We're a small business, and we want to be able to continue offering our customers free returns in the EU.

Please - before ordering TWO SIZES to try both on and send one back - send us a message or jump on the chat - because 95% of the time we are able to make a good size recommendation.

Sometimes, a customer is genuinely between sizes - and that's ok - but please check with us first so we can keep unnecessary returns to a minimum.

Much appreciated!


  • You have 30 days from the date of your order to return an item.  
  • The following items cannot be returned - Underwear, Perfume & beauty products
  • If you refuse delivery of your shipment, it will incur charges for us to receive the goods back - these will be deducted from any eventual refund
  • Returns are free within the EU.  
  • Returns are not free for the following:
    • Non EU locations
    • For items purchased in the Sale
    • For items purchased from our Revived Collection


  1. Please complete our return request form here.
  2. You'll receive a return label by email 
  3. Drop the package off at your local DHL Service Point
  4. We try to process returns and refunds as fast we can after receiving them


    1. Please complete our return request form here.
    2. Please DO NOT declare your returning items as 'RETURNED GOODS' with a the same value that you paid for them.  This will cause a significant delay in your package getting back to us because we have to individually tell Customs that we already paid tax and duties on this item.  If you declare the items as 'RETURNED GOODS' with the same value you paid, this can cause the return to be delayed by up to six weeks.
      Please send your package as a personal gift to us, with a nominal declared value of €15
    3. You will receive email instructions on where and how to send the item back to us
    4. We recommend using your local Postal Service with recorded delivery
    5. When the item gets back we'll process it straight away


We're very lucky to have a great group of customers who buy carefully, and take special care with selecting the right size.  As we're a small business, getting this right is really important to us.

We have a generous return policy that also includes Free European Returns - we simply ask that our customers keep in mind the following so that we can continue to offer free returns.:

  • FREQUENCY. If you start returning too frequently, we'll send a friendly email.  After that, we'll ask you to a pay for your own returns for a while.
  • BUYING MULTIPLE SIZES.  Please before buying multiple sizes to try because returns are free - get in touch with us via chat or email and we will help you pick the best size. Sometimes a customer is genuinely between sizes so it's ok - but if you order multiple sizes, we will usually email you to try and understand the best choice before shipping.
  • RE-PACKING.  Please return your item in the same packaging it came in (unless you are returning a small item that arrived in a much bigger box)
  • CONDITION.  'Trying on' is fine - but wearing is definitely not cool.  If your item is returned smelling of either perfume or cigarette smoke, we will not be able to accept it.
  • WHO?  Please ensure you put a copy of your order confirmation inside the return box - otherwise we will not know who has sent it.

Thank you gentlemen - 99,999% of the time you are sensible and great with returning - let's keep that going!