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Lenny's Pizza Tee

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It's Saturday night, and Tony Manero is getting ready to hit the dance floors of New York.  Every disco king knows that a slice of pizza from Lenny's is the best way to start your evening.  You're eighteen years old, working the night shift at Lenny's in New York, and this is the Tee you wear - you'll have to earn your own tomato stains on it though!

Mr Hot Dog is a small Italian brand that loves making vintage Tees - except they go that extra mile.  Each T-Shirt is hand-finished with vintage details to make it look like the genuine article.

Please note - Mr Hot Dog Tees and Sweatshirts have been individually styled to create a vintage effect - which includes some marks.  The idea is to make them look like they're old and well-used.  Each T-Shirt is slightly different in this respect, but please keep this mind - the marks and effects of 'wear' are intentionally created.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Italy