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Ways to Wear It.  The Camo Jacket

Ways to Wear It. The Camo Jacket


Welcome to our new blog series ‘How to Wear it’.  We know that not many of you operate at the bleeding edge of fashion - in fact most of our Revivalists are just guys who appreciate good quality clothing with a modern twist on classic designs.  As new pieces arrive in the store we wanted to make it easier for you to imagine how you could wear a particular garment - and maybe even venture into new styles, colours and patterns you've not worn before.  Sometimes it’s nice to change things up, surprise those around us.

Is Camo for me?

To start off our ‘How to Wear It’ series we commence with the Camo Jacket.  

Listen, we get it - camo is not an easy pattern or style to wear - but keep in mind the following.  If you’re going to try just one item of camo clothing - let it be the jacket.

The camo jacket is infinitely easier to style than say trousers, t-shirts or shirts. The jacket is not only an accesible way to wear camo - but it gives your style an edge, without making you look like you’re starting your own Militia.

So gents - we're not going to give you a complete history of camo in fashion here - although that in itself is quite interesting and part of it's enduring appeal - we'll just dive in to some styling inspiration.  

Styling Ideas

Below we want to share some ideas for some of our favourite ways to pair an outfit with a camo jacket.  We've selected a bunch of styles that we really like.  As with much of fashion and style, rules are never concrete - hopefully the below ideas will give you some inspiration.

 If after this you’re feeling inspired and ready to dip your toes into camo, then check out this great jacket from Taylor Stitch.  It’s made from a dry wax fabric that instantly gives it a vintage feel.  We also happen to think that this particular ‘arid’ camo pattern absolutely rocks.  Enjoy folks!


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