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The Division Shirt in Natural Selvage

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We’ve built quite a few pieces of workwear in our time, but The Division Shirt in Natural Selvage may just be a new standard in rugged durability. It’s built using burly 12-oz organic cotton selvage canvas that’s tough enough for brutal labor and will only look better the rougher you treat it. Hard work really does build character, and our Division shirt is here to prove it. We can’t wait to see what yours looks like in a few years time.


This hefty selvage canvas is woven on old school shuttle looms, passing the weft back through the warp yarns to create a self-edge that won’t fray or tear when the going gets rough. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind texture that the slower, more meticulous process yields. To take it even further, we’ve sourced 100% organic cotton for The Division, preserving all of the hard wearing benefits of this chrished material, without the harmful pesticides or obscene water waste. Finished with a gentle garment wash for a broken in feel on the very first wear.


  • 12-oz. 100% organic cotton.
  • Selvage canvas.
  • 6-oz. 100% organic cotton trimming used on inside of cuffs, inside of collar stand and under pocket flaps.
  • Washed for a broken-in feel.
  • Two mitered chest pockets with button through flaps.
  • Wash cold and tumble dry low.
  • Made in China.

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