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Levi's Trucker Jacket - L

by Lev's
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An original Levi's Trucker Jacket gently used with no signs of wear. 


Chest: 57cm

Shoulder: 51cm 

Sleeve: 62cm 

Length: 65cm 

This is a blank red tab jacket and this is the interesting reason behind the blank red tab:

Since the Tab device is one of the world’s most frequently copied trademarks, it requires some extra moxie on the part of LS&Co. to protect the company’s exclusive legal right to market clothes with the Tab. It’s therefore necessary to produce a certain percentage of Levi’s® products with a plain Tab with only the ® symbol on it. This shows that LS&Co. owns trademark rights in the Tab itself, not just the Levi’s® wording trademark. You can be assured that this is not a defect or an error in the manufacturing process,