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Laguiole 1850 - Black Buffalo Horn

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Original-LAGUIOLE from 1850, reconstruction of a CAMILLE PAGÈ- drawing, 11cm, "plein manche" without bolsters, black buffalo-horn-tip handle, forged traditional "mouche", spring hand-decorated.

The LAGUIOLE, originally the knife of the farmers and cattle breeders in the Auvergne, is probably the best-known knife of France. A small village located on the volcanic high plateau of the Massif Central gave this knife its name which made it famous all over the world. Numerous myths and legends have been spun around this small knife and its many details.

So it is said that the bee on the ressort, originally the emblematic animal of Napoleon, was awarded to the cutlers of Laguiole as a token of his gratefulness for their valiant services.
It is further said that another fond detail to be found on the handle of many LAGUIOLE knives also dates back to very ancient times, one that is typical for the people of this region: this is the inlaid cross made from small metal nails in the handle shells. People say that it served the shepherds who rammed the knife into the ground in order to be able to pray in front of a cross, when they had to spend the night outside with their herds on the pasture, when wolves were howling all around them.

We sell two leather belt sheaths for this knife.  Natural colour or black.

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