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XT Tee

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Sheriff Teasle is trying to run you out of town, and there's only one way to escape.  You steal a guy's motorbike and head into the hills, with Teasle in hot pursuit.

For those who remember, this Tee was inspired by the 1982 film First Blood.  John Rambo steals a motorcycle - and yes for the motorbike nerds, the actual bike in the film was the XT 350, not the 500 - but let's not break the fantasy.  The back of the Tee features the famous quote from John Rambo's commanding officer Colonel Sam Trautman.

Mr Hot Dog is a small Italian brand that loves making vintage Tees - except they go that extra mile.  Each T-Shirt is hand-finished with vintage details to make it look like the genuine article.

Please note - Mr Hot Dog Tees and Sweatshirts have been individually styled to create a vintage effect - which includes some marks.  The idea is to make them look like they're old and well-used.  Each T-Shirt is slightly different in this respect, but please keep this mind - the marks and effects of 'wear' are intentionally created.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Italy