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The Lodge Beanie in Camel

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Some look to calendars and weathermen to pinpoint a change in the seasons, but if you ask us, the cold season truly starts when we swap out our baseball cap for a classic knit beanie. Meet The Lodge Beanie; woven from incredibly soft baby yak wool. Easy to wear, hard to wear out, and uncompromisingly Responsible—The Lodge Beanie is how we ring in the season.


We get it, cashmere is great. But did you know that the global demand for cashmere has created a goat-fueled ecological crisis, turning large swaths of land into barren wastes? While it may sound surprising, we think the answer to this issue lies in the humble yak. Farmed in remote, high elevation conditions by local herders for millenia, yaks shed their downy undercoat every year (this is what’s called “baby yak”) for us to gather up and weave into an incredibly soft jersey knit fabric. It’s stronger, more sustainable, and just as luxurious in the hand as cashmere, and most importantly, requires no invasive or abusive treatment to the animals. That’s why we’ve used baby yak for our Lodge lineup from day one. And we think you’ll love it right through to day one-thousand.


  • 100% baby yak wool.
  • Jersey stitch construction.
  • One size fits most.
  • 20" circumference, 7.5" height.
  • 2x2 rib at each end.
  • Dry clean only.
  • Made in China.