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The Dodge Polo in Loden

by Rakki
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A gorgeous summer Polo shirt made from Mako Cotton, and in a washed Loden colour.  Slightly elasticated on the arm and waistbands, ensure this Polo sits really well on the body.


100% Mako Cotton
Made in Italy


The admiration and amazement that still overwhelms us by choosing vintage is what we want to convey; from the handwritten tag to the classic packaging closed with hemp cord. After all, it's like letting yourself be fascinated by a photo album, feeling the bold owner of something unique and unrepeatable

Clothing is at the same time a science, an art, and a feeling.
The Rakki models are made drawing inspiration and creative strength from the growing desire for the retro aesthetic as an index of quality, luxury and design

Inspired by the style of the cult fashion icons of the past, we recreate those items that became an evergreen in the world of clothing, paying close attention to the choice of materials and attention to detail in line with the spirit of the Italian craftsmanship.