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'Torn' Mock Neck Sweater in Navy

by Rakki
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Rakki are masters in taking iconic knitwear pieces and bringing them back to life in luxurious fabrics that are a pleasure to own and wear.  This sweater is made from a super fine Merino Wool that is called 'Cashwool'.  It's has an incredibly soft hand - almost as if it were Cashmere.  The sweater features two different woven patterns, divided horizontally across the body, to give it incredible texture and make this a truly beautiful piece.

The story behind this sweater really is a beautiful one.  Firstly the sweater is no 'Torn' - this is the name given to a series of photographs made of James Dean by the photographer Roy Schatt in 1954.  During that photo shoot, Dean wore a navy mock neck sweater which in certain poses, he appeared to be almost tearing at his neck.  The photo shoot became known as the 'Torn Sweater', and here is the story.



James Dean, whose persona and charisma shaped the archetype of the daredevil gallant for the post-war American male, is photographed by Roy Schatt for Life Magazine in 1954, creating an iconic series that has become definitive in establishing the actor’s emblematic image. Roy Schatt had unexpectedly met Dean through a mutual friend, Arlene Sax, who wanted Schatt to meet and photograph Dean. After Dean broke the tension of the meeting by performing a dance from a recent play, the two became friends and Schatt agreed to teach Dean photography.

“He slouched, was unkempt and squinty. After a moment, he reached for my offered hand, grunted in response to my welcome and ambled to a seat at the far end of the couch. As he sat with his palms pressed between his knees, he seemed to shrivel. … “Castanets! Like this,” Dean said as he jumped up and performed the dance. It transformed him. The small lump on the couch rose to become a thing of beauty. I couldn’t get over how his unpleasant, pinched face gave way to handsome radiance.”

From February 1954 to September of 1955, the two struck up a “teacher and student” relationship, documenting Dean’s activities throughout the year whilst Dean shot his own pictures under the tutelage of Schatt. The “Torn Sweater’ series, was a result of that short-term but potent friendship.


100% Super Fine Merino 'Cashwool'
Mock Neck
Made in Italy