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Suede Jacket in Tan

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Every once in a a while a jacket comes along that we just fall in love with.  THIS is that jacket.  Some suede jackets are too soft - and they're floppy, and hang on the body without structure.  This jacket has structure and feels solid enough to have it's own shape, but soft enough to wrap around the shape of your body.

The styling is rugged, but not way out there.  Sometimes the curved yokes and pockets on a western style jacket can be too much when done in suede - here the straight stitching lines and vertical parallel pleats down the central button line just bring the whole shape together, and add depth to the jacket's detail.

Then there's the colour.  The suede's tone has an almost patina to it - like you've been wearing it already for some time - but yet still with the rich and deep look that suede has.  In other words suede has a supreme quality look and feel to it that makes you feel special - a bit like a good leather jacket.  This jacket definitely has that - but without looking like you just walked out of a shop....perhaps more like you just climbed off a horse in a dust-storm in the Wild West.

Finally, the quality and detailing.  The suede alone says one thing -this is a special jacket - but the detailing on the stitching, the buttons, the rear buckle strap, and the branded 'BB' logo on the rear....a truly wonderful creation......well done Blue Blanket!


  • 100% Lamb Leather Suede
  • Made in Italy