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SF TEC 2 Sweater in Navy

by GRP
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This sweater is made in Tuscany using GRP's own 'Spot Knit' technique since 2004.  Incredibly soft to the touch, made with the finest merino wool and to a level of quality we know the GRP brand for.

- Shawl Collar
- 100% virgin merino extra fine combed wool  origin Australia
- Spun in Italy
- Made in Tuscany, Italy
- Buttons in real horn


For most of us the term 'knitting' evokes images of our mother or grandmother sitting at home in the winter months with a ball of wool and two ancient needles making a clickety-clack sound as they hit against each other as each stitch is produced.  Making fine knitwear on a non-industrial, artisan level involves more processes, however the art of stitch-counting, stitch styles through looping and invisible sewing at the joins is no different.

When you then move this up to the levels achieved at the GRP workshops in the Tuscany countryside, the complexities and hand-crafting skills needed are amplified many fold.  With decades of experience the artisans and designers at Maglificio GRP appear to work magic with wool as it is ribbed, curved and folded in one piece, creating seamless elements to their garments that ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.