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Lot 807XX Type 2 Selvedge Denim Jacket - M/38

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A 'Like New' Condition for this Bronson MFG.Co 15oz Selvedge Denim Jacket. Please note that the Jacket is practically unworn but has been washed once and has had the 'first wash' shrinkage.

These measurements are the actual jacket ones:

Chest: 54cm

Shoulder: 49cm

Sleeve: 60cm

Length: 63cm

From the Website:   This is the reproduction of the type 2 denim jacket from the 1950s. In 1952, as a modified version of the first generation of denim jacket 506XX, the 507XX jacket was born. The 507XX denim jacket has the exquisite quality and a relatively fit shape. The matching color of sewing thread and fabric to the position of folds is implemented in the design details, which is different from the "rough" of the WWII version.

  1. 14.5 oz selvedge denim, 100% cotton
  2. Original version details
  3. Machine wash cold with like colors. Iron or tumble dry on low