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Crug 234 Patch Jeans

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Maurizio Massimino is not just a fancy Italian name given to a brand.  He's basically an artist, and his clothes are indeed his canvas.

We met Maurizio in the summer of 2022.  He's based in Vicenza so not far from us.  A lovely guy, that also happens to make incredible clothing.  His approach is to completely re-work and customise beautiful garments.  

These jeans are a great example of what Maurizio does best.  At the core, are a really lovely pair of relaxed fit jeans in a relatively lightweight 11oz denim.  The real magic is the incredible work that Maurizio applies to each pair - custom patches, artwork, patches, pockets.  You be sure, that there won't be many people in the world with a pair of jeans like these.  


The jeans are a relatively relaxed fit with a straight leg.


Relaxed fit with straight leg
11oz Washed Denim
Completely customised inside and out
Made in Italy