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Ciabflex in Tan

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 We absolutely love this fresh take on a slip on.  The brass knuckle and tan swede with leather interior gives the shoe a smart feel that we think could work so well with summer outfits.  The word will probably be divided between 'with socks' or 'without.  Our choice?  Without every time!


Astorlex is a family-owned shoe making business based in Italy.  Now in its sixth generation, it continues to make high quality footwear in the same way that it has always done.  Since the beginning, the Travenzoli family have been making shoes always with their characteristic stitching on the outside; today they continue to uphold this tradition, doing an incredible job of bringing together quality, knowledge, with fresh styles.


100% locally sourced leather suede
Leather Interior
Crepe rubber sole
True to size fit
Made in Italy