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Creed Perfumes - Les Royal Exclusives

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An incredible scent exudes from this bottle of special Eau de Perfume in Spice and Wood part of Creed's Royal Exclusive Collection. The bottle is New, unopened and with a 10K Fine Gold Seal intact. 

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Exquisitely mastered, this Royal Exclusive Eau du Parfum is equally fresh and spicy as it is woody. Apple, bergamot and lemon deliver an uplifting edge to this sophisticated fragrance, whilst iris, rich cedarwood, oakmoss and tonkin musk lend well to the raw masculine classic that is Spice and Wood. A sought after addition for those looking to enhance their exclusive fragrance wardrobe
A raw masculinity is embodied in Creed’s Spice and Wood. A crisp, fresh Eau de Parfum that evokes energy and strength for the wearer, whilst the woody, luxurious notes celebrate sensuality and intrigue.

The Maison's Story:

The House of Creed is an authentic, luxury perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original, artisan fragrances for men and women, made from the finest perfume ingredients the world has to offer.

This unique story began in 1760 when a pair of scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III by a new London tailoring company. Founded by James Henry Creed in the same year as the young King’s accession, the House of Creed started its journey as an exquisite tailor based in Mayfair, London. Since then, the House of Creed has gone on to create some of the finest garments and fragrances for the discerning and the discriminating for over 260 years, shifting from its tailoring heritage into one of the world’s leading niche perfume houses.

A Royal History

Relocating from London to Paris in 1854, at the request of Napoleon III and his Empress, Eugénie, who appointed Creed as an official supplier to the royal household, the House of Creed embellished its reputation from impeccable tailoring and for the exclusively rare and limited house fragrances. The tact and discretion with which a royal, aristocratic and socially prominent clientele were handled rapidly became part of the Creed legend.

In their newly found Paris headquarters, Creed continued to create a legacy of unrivalled scents for men and women, treasured by perfume connoisseurs and admirers of quality, style and panache. Over the centuries, the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes, all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed, together with a keen inherited nose, from father to son through seven generations.