The Dry Look

Whilst I don't consider myself any kind of guru on male grooming, I have spent a stupid amount of time researching and trying almost every 'matte' styling product on the market.  For those Revivalists out there that like to give their hair a firm hold, but with a dry finish - I'd like to introduce you to my favourite new product - 'Coltrane Clay'.

A few months back we welcomed the Triumph & Disaster products onto our store.  Thoughtfully made products made from natural ingredients all the way from New Zealand.  I knew about these guys because of their 'Coltrane Clay' product.  Seeing as this was one of the few matte styling products I hadn't tried and rejected, I thought I'd give it a try.  Bingo.  All natural, firm hold, no residue and doesn't leave me looking like I've dipped my head in a deep fat fryer after a few days of use.

The main problem I've always found with matte effect styling products is that very often they don't give you enough hold - and if they do, your hair looks like you styled it was your own homemade mixture of cement and super glue  Prior to 'Coltrane Clay' I'd been using something called 'Matte Head Extra' - the 'Extra' standing for extra firm hold.  Firm it indeed was, but it left your hair with no movement at all and looking, well, dirty.

The Coltrane Clay feels like what it says on the tin - clay.  When you put a little in your hand it's thick and dry - so you need to rub it in your hands a bit to warm it up.  Once in, it keeps your flowing locks well in place, but doesn't leave a greasy residue or look.  In fact you can continue to put your hands through your hair and you wouldn't know it's in there.

The Clay is one of three different looks from Triumph & Disaster's hair range and you can find it here.  For a classic pomade, check out their 'Ponsonby Pomade', or for a compromise between the two, check out the 'Fibre Royale'.  For the rest of the T&D grooming range you can see it all here.  If you guys have any questions about this or other grooming products, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Peace out, fellow dry-head Revivalists.

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