Our Denim Fit Guide

As we gradually expand our Denim offering, we thought it would useful to create a 'Fit Guide' so you can easily visualise the different models, how they actually look when worn, and some of the more important info about each.  Keep in mind that in the Slim Fits, the second and third photo show the jean with a few weeks of wear already.  That's why in the first and last photo, the jeans are crisp, new and slightly darker looking.
As per usual I'm doing me own modelling and for reference, I'm 182cm tall (6 foot) and around 77kg and I take a size 32.  The 32 fits me perfectly now, and as with all sanforised denim, upon the first wash, it will shrink just slightly, then stretch back out again.  'Sanforised' basically means the jeans have been treated so they've already done their shrinking before you buy them.  Hope you find the guide useful!

The Slim Fits

In order shown

Benzak  B-01 Brown Cotton
Benzak B-01 Special #2
Benzak B-01 Kojima
Taylor Stich Cone Mills Era Slim

The Loose Fits

In order shown

Benzak B-03 Special #2
Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Era Democratic

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